August 2006

August 27, 2006

Busy busy busy

We had Jennifer’s birthday today.  She turns four tomorrow.  My babies are growing, growing, growing.  *sob*  Before I know it, they’ll be bringing me their own babies.  *bigger sobs*  Jessica starts school on Wednesday.  Tomorrow she has a “meet and greet” type of thing with her teacher, Mrs. Short.  My mom and I are going to go with her to that so that we can meet the teacher, see the classroom and what not.  Jessie also got her new glasses today.  I was somewhat shocked that they called me on a Sunday to tell me they were ready.  I’m used to living in Utah where many shops and stores such as glasses places are closed, but the eyecenter at ShopKo is apparently open on Sunday.  When my husband went to go pick them up after they called, they handed him only the lenses.  He told them that there should be frames with them.  They looked for them.  Apparently they had put them back on the shelf.  That really infuriated me because it was the last pair and they are a discontinued frame.  If someone had bought those, I would have been really upset, demanded my money back and insisted that they give me free frames.  Fortunately, they still had them though, and they cut the lenses to fit them into the frames and now she has her pretty glasses on.  They are a purple wire frame, but not flimsy wire, it’s a nice sturdy wire frame.  She’s worn glasses for a few years now, ever since she was about 2 or so.  She also had eye surgery in 2004 to correct isotropia and amblyopia.  Those are just fancy terms for lazy eye and crossed eye.  They fixed the lazy eye by making her use it (covering the stronger eye with a patch… that was hard on me because who wants a pirate for a kid?)  Then she went in for the surgery to have the crossed eyes fixed.  She was near sighted at that time, now that’s fixed and she has an astigmatism.  Hopefully now that my camera has batteries and it’s not packed up, when I’m back on my computer, I can post pictures of her with her new specs and her new school clothes.  I’m using my mom’s nifty laptop right now and rather enjoying just kicking back on the bed instead of scrunched up to a desk.  *drool* 

I’ve been knitting my dish cloths for my Mason Dixon Swapcloth Pal the last few days.  I actually have more than one pal due to the way it worked out and the bugs that I left in the swap.  Having been my first swap to set up, I guess those are bound to happen.  I’m excited to knit for these ladies though, for several reasons.  I love to knit for other people, I love to knit small items that make me feel as though I am accomplishing something, and I have learned that I really enjoy knitting wash cloths!  I found a yarn store in Eugene called The Knit Shop.  I’d like to find another yarn store because this one, while it has a nice selection, sort of gets on my nerves.  The shop owner is incredibly nice, but the second you walk in the door she wants to know what you’re looking for and she gets right up next to you.  I prefer to mosey around and look for things because nine times out of ten, I have no idea what I want, I just want to look and see what grabs me.  There are a couple of other places I want to check out, so maybe I’ll score with those.  I miss The Black Sheep Wool Co.  They are the best LYS in the entire world, in my book.  They always made me feel like I was special and a great knitter, even though I am not an expert knitter.  That’s awesome.  And they were never pushy, and never in my space while looking for yarn.  Don’t get me wrong, this new store was great, and the shop keeper is a very nice lady, and I most certainly will go back, but I do want to peruse the other shops in the areas.

I am also knitting a sock that I’m making up as I go.  It’s nothing fancy.  Quite the opposite actually.  It’s a k3 p2 rib for 1 inch, then the k3 p2 rib continues on the top of the foot and then there’s a toe.  It’s for me, and it’s in a yarn that long ago lost it’s band, so I have no clue what brand it is, what the color way is or any of that stuff.  I do know that I LOVE the colors and the feel of the yarn.  It’s black, red, blue and purple and stripes up great.  There are a few spots that pool, but pooling bothers me not.  I like the personality it gives to my socks.  Oh, and these socks are for me.

I recently bought the Yarn Harlot’s book Knitting Rules and have decided that I have to get a copy of this for my aunt, who is a newer knitter.  She’s learning to knit socks and I think this book will really hepl her in that area.  She’s afraid of turning the heel, and the way this book tells you how to do it, I think she’ll have no problem at all.  Funny, she wasn’t afraid of using the DPN’s, but she’s afraid of the heel.  She started a sock that she said she’s about 10 rows into.  I’m going to visit her the Thursday after Labor Day and will hopefully help her with the heel busines.  Maybe she can make a footie sock (a.k.a. anklet) so that I can show her how to turn a heel right away.  I was going to go Books Without Borders that night and see the Yarn Harlot and hopefully get my book signed, but that’s a no go now because that’s the same day I am going to see my aunt, and that’s coming first.  She’s having surgery that Tuesday and I need to be there to help her out.  So, maybe with the next book tour I can go 🙂 

I hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

August 08, 2006

Starting school

Jessica, my 5 year old, is starting kindergarten.  I’m quite sure she is ready. I’m QUITE sure that I, however, am not.  I have to close that door in order to open this new one, and I just don’t want to for some reason.  I’m very glad that she gets to go to school, because she is so smart and just wants to learn more and more everyday.  I’m just sad to see her go for some reason. So she starts on Aug 30, officially.  I say officially because the first through sixth graders all start Aug 28, but the kindergarteners and their parents all get two days to go in and meet the teacher and student type of thing.  I like that idea.  Kindergarten is all day, though, and I’m just not sure how I feel about that.  Not that I have any say in the matter, she has to go to school because I’m not able to home school her, nor do I want to go that route.  She’s excited though, because she gets to take a lunch to school.  She told me she’ll need a Hello Kitty lunchbox LOL!

I’ve been knitting socks now, for my cousin’s new baby.  And I started a pair for my mom, her birthday is coming up.  And of course, the never ending dishcloth pile is getting bigger 🙂

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