Help me!

Ok, so here are two pictures.  Showing rather blurrily (sorry!) that I need help.  I believe I have dropped a few stitches, and am not sure how to go about fixing this for some reason.  I thought I knew, but it looked heinously horrible so I undid the fix I did and need some help.  Is there anyway anyone can tell help me?  Can  you see my mistake ok by looking at this awful picture? (I couldn’t make it not blurry for some reason *cry*). 

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Exciting news!

Yesterday when I picked up Jessica from school her teacher says “Do you know what your daughter did today?”  My first thought was ‘Great…she never gets in trouble at school, I wonder what happened.’  Well, no need for me to worry.  Mrs. Short told me she is read at a level 6.  I had no idea what a level 6 meant, or how they set up their levels, so I asked.  She said it’s basically a first grade level.  Which is awesome, since Jessie’s 1) in kindergarten and 2) only been reading for about 2 or 3 months, and is just now starting to read full books.  The other day she read me “The Monster at the End of This Book.”  THE ENTIRE THING!  I was quite thrilled!!!!  I loved reading when I was little, and still do, very much, so to see that she loves it and does so well with it really makes me happy!

Onto a new charity project that I’m spreading the word about because it is AWESOME!  It is called Cyrano’s Creature Comforts Drive and you can find it by clicking that link.  Holly is the exceptional gal who is doing the drive, and could use as much support as we creature lovers can give her, whether it be by donating prizes (yarn, needles, crochet hooks, notions, etc) or by creating the things she mentions that they need (blanket beds, toys, etc) and sending them to her.  Any help she can get for these lovable guys is much needed!  So go, check it out, help out!  It’s for a very very worthy cause!

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Winter Wonderland Swap!

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So here it is, the awesome package, picture taken courtesy of Jessie. i have three ballband cloths, one for three different seasons, Winter, Summer and Spring. I have a skein of YUMMY wool from NEW YORK! to knit myself something for fall, and for that, heck yeah I can’t WAIT! I got a box of delightfully yummy hot chocolate! A packet of hand cream, some bronzing lotion (that my daughter and I of course played with right away. We discovered she’s a lot lighter than I am LOL) a christmas cd (BETTE MIDLER! I LOVE HER!), and some very pretty smelling soap, and a candy cane and of course, the Gingerbread man, who lasted all of 14 seconds between me and Jessie LOL

So I’m learning to use flickr. I’ve only figured out how to do one post at a time through it when posting a pic, but there has to be a way to post more than one pic per entry. Anyone know if that’s possible?

Hope you all have a great day, and Terri, thanks again SO MUCH for that awesome package!!!!!

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I’m it!

I have been tagged by Holly on one of those five things about me meme’s. (Which I pronounce mee-mee. How is it said? How do you say it?)

Five little-known things about me:

1.  I’ve played the violin since I was 10, however, I’ve been out of practice the last 8 years or so because I’ve been too poor to get my violin restrung, a new bow, and a new bridge.  (Mostly I just play for myself, not for other people). 

2.  I started reading before I started kindergarten.  This did not allow me to skip any grades or anything exciting.  My parents apparently had me tested, and they said that I was only reading words, not comprehending them.  Oh well, at least I could still read! 🙂

3.  I can only eat one thing at a time before I move on to the next item on my plate. 

4.  In accordance to the above thing about me, I cannot have any food on my plate touching any other food on my plate.  That is absolutely disgusting to me, and plates with divider things in them were made for me.

5.  I cannot sleep with socks on.  I hate having my feet hot.  I rarely wear socks at home, unless I have some need of keeping my shoes on for a long period of time.  But when I sleep, the foots hafta be nekkid, or I cannot sleep.

I’m not sure if 5 people read this, so I’ll just tag everyone who reads this that hasn’t done this already 🙂  Unless you don’t want to do it, then you can just be happy that you read mine LOL!

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New Blog

Well, not really a new blog.  Just a new place to blog.  In trying to save money, I’m closing out my typepad account and moving over to  I have heard some great things about it, and although I will truly miss typepad, because I loved their set up, I really do need to save on the money, as little as it was.  Anyway, welcome to my new blog, all three of you who read it 🙂

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YAY!  My favorite show starts up its new season tonight!  American Idol, Season Six!  I’ve kept up with it since the first season, and although I tired of some of the performers, I’m still a huge fan!  I’ve got me some mindless knitting (the foot of a sock) for tonight’s first episode, where we get to watch Simon, Paula and Randy (unless they’ve changed the judges!) tell people how awful they are!  How awful am I that I love them being so ruthless!  But you know, sometimes I think those people know how awful they sound, but they just want to be on the show for a smidgeon of time.  How can they not know they sound like that?  And now I’m done being rude.  🙂

So far this year, I have done AWESOME on the no soda intake.  Haven’t had a drop of it 🙂  I’ve been walking a little more lately, too.  Instead of driving to pick Jessie up from school, we walk (weather permitting that is).  If it’s pouring down rain, I’d rather not push the baby in his stroller, unless Kenny has the car, and then I just bundle him up really good.  Anyway, these baby steps are going to help in the long run I think.  I’m still not eating as well as I feel I should.  I’m wondering if I actually might have some issues with compulsive overeating 😦  Not sure how one falls into that category though, what they need to “qualify” for that title.  Not that I want it of course, but I do worry about it.  I need Mr. Will Power to hang out with me more often than I invite him to.  Isela is logging in her 100 miles, and I am seriously considering it.  I don’t think I can run them, since I’m hefting around 10 thousand pounds more than she is, but I can walk them in the beginning, and work my way up to running.  I have blogged about wanting to run before, and all it’s been is that idea sitting on the front burner!  At least, it’s moved from the back burner to the front hehehe Now I just need to get it off the stove (or the couch, as the case may be LOL!).  Anyone have a whip they can crack at me?  I did think of one motivating thing…. I can write a letter/card/etc each day, and instead of dropping it in my mail box, I can walk to the post office to mail it.  So that would be three walks in one day, although rather short walks.  Walking Jessie to school and back, to the post office and back, and picking Jessie up from school and back.  The entire thing *might* equal to a mile.  (That’s how HUGE Halsey, Oregon is LOL).

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This year, I have only completed 1 FO as of yet.  And it wasn’t knitted.  I’ve been back into crocheting a lot lately too.  When I first started crocheting, I couldn’t find many cute patterns for anything but baby hats and blankets.  However there has been a huge boom in designing lately, because there are a ton of cute things out there!  Anyway, the item I crocheted wasn’t any big deal.  I made a poncho for Jessica.  Actually, technically it isn’t an FO yet because I haven’t decided what edge to put on it, and I don’t have the right color yarn for the edge yet either.  However, it’s FO enough for her to wear for now and she loves it.  The colors she chose are florescent pink and red.  It was some ugly veriegated Red Heart yarn she saw at Wal Mart.  Normally I’m not a huge acrylic fan, but for something like this, I’m ok with it.  And there are some acrylicis I like.  I guess I should say I’m not a huge RH fan.  Their yarn often feels like I’m working with melted crayons that have been spun into yarn. 

My current FO’s are as follows:

Knitted Shawl for Niff, also in acrylic, but it’s really soft.  I got it for 1.99 a skein at Ben Franklin (I’d never heard of that place till we moved here and HOLY COW!  Freakin nice yarn section for a craft store!)

Baby kimono from One Skein for a friend who is having a baby, in the same yarn I’m using for Niff’s shawl. (The shawl by the way is just a simple nonlacy one…started out with 3 sts, then k the first st, yo, k, yo, k.  There’s a yarn over at the beginning, middle, and end, basically.  It’s looking nice.  I hope I’m doing the right idea to make a triangle.  If I’m not somebody stop me before I get too far into it!!!)

Socks for babies.  But I always have socks going. 

Crocheting a granny rectangle afghan for Niff.

Oh, I do have a true FO (except for weaving in an end) that I just remembered.  It was a quickie from last night.  Using the left over yarn from Jessie’s shawl, I crocheted a matching ear warmer headband type thing.  I like it, it fits her head, and it’s cute.  Plus, she likes it, so you can’t beat that 🙂

Hope everyone has a great 2007!!!

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I thought I’d start out 2007 feeling like I was reincarnated out of an old rag.  I feel like crap.  I even went to bed early…like 8:20.  Which is WAY early for me, even on NYE.  Normally I stay up till at leat 11.  But, this flu bug has kicked my patoot, so I took some generic nyquil gel tabs that knocked me out.  I awoke promptly at the neighbors firing off a cannon, or something of the like.  This town I live in goes to sleep at 8:00 p.m. every night but NYE apparently LOL.  I only know that because my mom has this thing… when you drive through the town, if you’re going down residential streets, you’re supposed to look in the front windows to see what people are doing.  Well, in this town of about 750 people, all the lights are OFF and the curtains pulled.  I just think that’s hilarious.  Maybe it’s the drugs talkin, though. 

I made one goal for this year.  It is to not drink soda.  I’ve pulled it off before, then started it up again.  This time I hope to see it through.  It’s not because it’s NYE that I made it.  That just happened to fall at the same time, so I figured what the heck.  I told Kenny about it yesterday.  Then tonight, when I woke up to the cannons exploding at 12:10 a.m. I announced I was thirsty.  Kenny offers me a root beer.  I told him “Now how would that look for me to break my goal 10 minutes into the new year?”  I went into the kitchen and grabbed a 64 ounce bottle of Grape Cranberry juice that was about 3/4 of the way full and started swiggin straight from the bottle.  That was about 7 minutes ago.  There’s a bit of a swig left.  I was pretty thirsty.

Also, I’m in love with Captain Jack Sparrow.  Well, and Johnny Depp.  Just thought I’d share that with you 🙂


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