This year, I have only completed 1 FO as of yet.  And it wasn’t knitted.  I’ve been back into crocheting a lot lately too.  When I first started crocheting, I couldn’t find many cute patterns for anything but baby hats and blankets.  However there has been a huge boom in designing lately, because there are a ton of cute things out there!  Anyway, the item I crocheted wasn’t any big deal.  I made a poncho for Jessica.  Actually, technically it isn’t an FO yet because I haven’t decided what edge to put on it, and I don’t have the right color yarn for the edge yet either.  However, it’s FO enough for her to wear for now and she loves it.  The colors she chose are florescent pink and red.  It was some ugly veriegated Red Heart yarn she saw at Wal Mart.  Normally I’m not a huge acrylic fan, but for something like this, I’m ok with it.  And there are some acrylicis I like.  I guess I should say I’m not a huge RH fan.  Their yarn often feels like I’m working with melted crayons that have been spun into yarn. 

My current FO’s are as follows:

Knitted Shawl for Niff, also in acrylic, but it’s really soft.  I got it for 1.99 a skein at Ben Franklin (I’d never heard of that place till we moved here and HOLY COW!  Freakin nice yarn section for a craft store!)

Baby kimono from One Skein for a friend who is having a baby, in the same yarn I’m using for Niff’s shawl. (The shawl by the way is just a simple nonlacy one…started out with 3 sts, then k the first st, yo, k, yo, k.  There’s a yarn over at the beginning, middle, and end, basically.  It’s looking nice.  I hope I’m doing the right idea to make a triangle.  If I’m not somebody stop me before I get too far into it!!!)

Socks for babies.  But I always have socks going. 

Crocheting a granny rectangle afghan for Niff.

Oh, I do have a true FO (except for weaving in an end) that I just remembered.  It was a quickie from last night.  Using the left over yarn from Jessie’s shawl, I crocheted a matching ear warmer headband type thing.  I like it, it fits her head, and it’s cute.  Plus, she likes it, so you can’t beat that 🙂

Hope everyone has a great 2007!!!

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