YAY!  My favorite show starts up its new season tonight!  American Idol, Season Six!  I’ve kept up with it since the first season, and although I tired of some of the performers, I’m still a huge fan!  I’ve got me some mindless knitting (the foot of a sock) for tonight’s first episode, where we get to watch Simon, Paula and Randy (unless they’ve changed the judges!) tell people how awful they are!  How awful am I that I love them being so ruthless!  But you know, sometimes I think those people know how awful they sound, but they just want to be on the show for a smidgeon of time.  How can they not know they sound like that?  And now I’m done being rude.  🙂

So far this year, I have done AWESOME on the no soda intake.  Haven’t had a drop of it 🙂  I’ve been walking a little more lately, too.  Instead of driving to pick Jessie up from school, we walk (weather permitting that is).  If it’s pouring down rain, I’d rather not push the baby in his stroller, unless Kenny has the car, and then I just bundle him up really good.  Anyway, these baby steps are going to help in the long run I think.  I’m still not eating as well as I feel I should.  I’m wondering if I actually might have some issues with compulsive overeating 😦  Not sure how one falls into that category though, what they need to “qualify” for that title.  Not that I want it of course, but I do worry about it.  I need Mr. Will Power to hang out with me more often than I invite him to.  Isela is logging in her 100 miles, and I am seriously considering it.  I don’t think I can run them, since I’m hefting around 10 thousand pounds more than she is, but I can walk them in the beginning, and work my way up to running.  I have blogged about wanting to run before, and all it’s been is that idea sitting on the front burner!  At least, it’s moved from the back burner to the front hehehe Now I just need to get it off the stove (or the couch, as the case may be LOL!).  Anyone have a whip they can crack at me?  I did think of one motivating thing…. I can write a letter/card/etc each day, and instead of dropping it in my mail box, I can walk to the post office to mail it.  So that would be three walks in one day, although rather short walks.  Walking Jessie to school and back, to the post office and back, and picking Jessie up from school and back.  The entire thing *might* equal to a mile.  (That’s how HUGE Halsey, Oregon is LOL).

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