Exciting news!

Yesterday when I picked up Jessica from school her teacher says “Do you know what your daughter did today?”  My first thought was ‘Great…she never gets in trouble at school, I wonder what happened.’  Well, no need for me to worry.  Mrs. Short told me she is read at a level 6.  I had no idea what a level 6 meant, or how they set up their levels, so I asked.  She said it’s basically a first grade level.  Which is awesome, since Jessie’s 1) in kindergarten and 2) only been reading for about 2 or 3 months, and is just now starting to read full books.  The other day she read me “The Monster at the End of This Book.”  THE ENTIRE THING!  I was quite thrilled!!!!  I loved reading when I was little, and still do, very much, so to see that she loves it and does so well with it really makes me happy!

Onto a new charity project that I’m spreading the word about because it is AWESOME!  It is called Cyrano’s Creature Comforts Drive and you can find it by clicking that link.  Holly is the exceptional gal who is doing the drive, and could use as much support as we creature lovers can give her, whether it be by donating prizes (yarn, needles, crochet hooks, notions, etc) or by creating the things she mentions that they need (blanket beds, toys, etc) and sending them to her.  Any help she can get for these lovable guys is much needed!  So go, check it out, help out!  It’s for a very very worthy cause!

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