What a day!

This day is driving me CRAZY and it’s only 3:30 pm.  Kenny gets home from work tonight at 6:30 or so, and I am GOING OUT.  ALONE.  NO KIDS.  (Unless I have to take Matthew for feeding issues…he still won’t take a bottle, only a boobie).  And I have no idea where I’m going, but it will be out.  Maybe I’ll treat myself to a new book or something.  I could use a new book.  I’m on a yarn restriction, so that’s out.  I don’t really need any yarn right now anyway, I do have plenty.  And really, I don’t have anywhere to put new yarn.  I just had to put a ton of it back into storage. 

On a better note, I have been crocheting up a storm today.  I’m trying to go through all my yarn so that when we do move, I can get some new stuff LOL.  I’m going through all of my cotton crocheting up some baby bibs.  I started the first one last night, and I’m on number three now.  It’s similar to the bib in the Mason Dixon Knitting book, only it’s crocheted.  And one of them has no button.  Instead I crocheted the button hole and the end that is supposed to have the button instead has a ruffle, that you can just pull through the button hole to keep it on.  It’s pretty, and as soon as I get around to it, maybe I’ll take a picture or two to share it with you, along with some of my other FO’s of the year so far.

So any of you other moms that stay home with your kids…how do you do it?  How do you make ends meet if your husband doesn’t make a billion dollars?  I’ve really loved staying home with the kids, and I want to continue doing so for as long as I can, but honestly the only reason I have been able to so far is because we’ve been able to stay at my mom’s house, and that’s just not going to be an option forever (or for very much longer I hope.  I love my mom and all, but I want my own place… you know how it is.) 

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