Well, I have been working a little harder in some areas of my health and lifestyle change.  Such as really focusing on drinking more water, trying to cut out certain things that I know aren’t good, and such.  It’s the baby steps that I am hoping will get me there.  That and my new friend Joni 🙂

Also, GUESS WHAT!  I GOT A NEW LAPTOP!!!  It is FREAKING. AWESOME.  I am in L O V E ! ! !  Kenny got it for “us” for our anniversary.  We talked to the guy about what I do on the computer, and what he does on the computer, and found one that will suit us both.  I’m labled as “The Browser” and he is “The Gamer”  It’s a Sony Vaio, and in real terms, I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but no matter, because I’m happy, he seems pleased and I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP!  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this 🙂 

I got the girls these Littlest Pet Shop digital pets (Niff calls them Diginal Pets) and Jessica hasn’t put hers down since she got it 8 hours ago LOL.  We got all excited when it pooped.  Niff likes hers too, but she gets distracted a bit easier than Jess does.  I’m glad they like them though 🙂  They also picked out their own Easter dresses today.  They both did a great job and didn’t get any hoochie looking dresses. Jessie chose a yellow dress with red flowers on it, and a yellow t-shirt type bolero/jacket thing that goes with it.  Jennifer chose this cute little dress that’s white with pink and purple flowers on it, and the skirt part is… I’m not really sure what to call it.  It’s like the hem goes all the way to the waste, rather puffy-ish.  And it has a little bolero type jacket as well, a crocheted one, and it’s pink.  They didn’t want matching dresses, like I tried to push for.  They “don’t want to be twins”  LOL.  What can I say, I have two girls who are very different from each other 🙂

Monday is our 8th wedding anniversary.  In some ways, I think WOW! 8 years already~!?!?!?!  Then I think “Wow, it’s only been 8 years???”  Funny how that works.  How long have you been with your significant others??

I don’t really have much in knitting news because I haven’t really been knitting lately.  I’ve been crocheting a lot.  Little baby sweaters.  I have one done but for the buttons (I haven’t found some that I like for it yet) and the other I ran out of yarn and have to find the other ball that’s in my stash somewhere.  They work up quickly.  One is with sock yarn that I hated for socks, but it worked well for this.  The other just some acrylic that I have, I think Caron Simply Soft.  As usual, no pictures though 🙂  I really should be less lazy about posting pictures.

Do you like to read?  I got some new books.  First, let me tell you about my favorite book of all time.  It’s The Bridge to Terebithia by Katherin Paterson.  It’s now been made into a movie, of which I have no desire to see because the book was so incredible to me that a movie just might ruin it.  Who knows, I might break down and watch it.  It’s a young person’s book, I read it in middle school (maybe about the 5th or 6th grade) and it was the first book that really made me cry.  I bought it again the other day simply because I wanted to have it in my library of books and read it.  It only took a couple of hours.  It still made me cry, and I still love it.  The other books I got were What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson.  I’m currently reading this one.  Some of you might have heard of the movie or seen it.  I have not, and am glad because the book is good, and again, I don’t want the movie to ruin it.  I just might, though, see this movie to see how they did it.  The third book I got is Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire.  He also wrote Wicked and Son of a Witch.  Maguire is definitely different from other books I read, but his style intrigues me, and his stories are AWESOME to me.  I loved reading Wicked, and seeing why the wicked witch was the way she was from the Wizard of Oz.  Well, in his eyes, why she was that way anyway.  I also ordered a couple more of his books from half.com…Mirror, Mirror (take from Snow White) and Lost.  I’ll have to let you know if I like them.  What books do you all like to read?

Well, I should feed Matthew and try to put him back to bed.  🙂


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