Moving right along!

Dear Snowdrop is moving along quite nicely, FINALLY!  I have made a mistake here and there, and once in a while I end up with an extra stitch somehow, but sort of just flub it and most people wouldn’t even notice.  There is one (very) noticeable mistake, where I forgot to do a YO, but I opted not to rip back to the previous lifeline, because I just didn’t feel like it.  And it might only be (very) noticeable to me, and not everyone.  I figure I’m allowed that ‘intentional’ mistake, right? 🙂

I also started the MS3 clue today.  My aunt found a gahundred bags of yarn at a thrift store near where she lives, and bought a ton of it and sent it to me.  There were quite a few cones of some fingering weight cotton yarn (I assume it’s fingering weight… is quite delicate looking) and I’m using that.  It’s a tan color, and I REALLY like it.  It’s not very far a long yet, a few of the people in the group are already done with the first clue, I’m not even half done with the first chart (there are 3).  I’m not too worried though, I’m not in a race to the finish, and if I’m not done with the first clue by the time the second comes out, I won’t be too concerned.  Dear Snowdrop is first and foremost right now (for home knitting…the “away” knitting is socks.)  So the MS3 only gets little Snowdrop breaks here and there, which is fine with me.  That one seems a little more complicated looking than Dear Snowdrop and so I don’t mind taking my time with it.

I actually got the hubster to go to the library today!  I think he’s read a total of 5 books since we got married, 8 1/2 years ago.  All of them were by Dan Brown.  Today, I said “I’d love it if you went to the library with us” and he sort of hesitated, and I whined and won 🙂  And he even checked out a book!!!  I can’t remember what it’s called, he likes a different genre of books than I do.  I’m into the mysteries and historical stuff, and he likes mythical stuff and fantasy settings.   I got a James Patterson book and he talked me into a Stephan King book as well, because he wanted me to read the first story in it.  It’s The Skeleton Key, and he says the first story is great.  I’m not a huge Stephan King fan, but I figured what the heck, if hubster can get a book, I can read SK 🙂  The James Patterson is the 2nd in the Women’s Murder Club series.  It’s not right in front of me, so I can’t remember what it’s called….2nd Chance (I googled it!)  I really love reading JP and LOVE the Alex Cross series!!   I also like some of Greg Iles’ books, if you like a good mystery, check him out 🙂

Well, it’s late (or early, since it’s now morning!) and I should get on with going to bed.  I’ve always had this thing about going to bed late….if I go to bed early, I might miss out on something.  So I always stay up late.  My friend Stefanie asked me what I could possibly miss out on when most of the world is sleeping, and I told her “I don’t know, but at least I’ll be awake to find out, and tell you about it!”  LOL  Nothing ever happens, though.  But you just never know, and I’m not gonna miss out on it!!

Have a great day!

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I love my kids!

I have a love of reading true crime stories.  I have no idea why, but I think the forensics of it is what intrigues me.  The actual crimes disgust me, and I hate that we have to live in a world where those things go on.  I think the mystery of it is interesting as well.  But the most intresting thing I think to me, is how they found out who did what, and when they did it, etc.  Anyway, a month or two ago I read a story on that has made it so that I haven’t really read much in the TC genre anymore lately.  Several years ago a tragedy occured for a family in England, 2 10 year old boys kidnapped their son, and tortured him and left him for dead.  The baby was only 2 or 3 years old.  The night I read that….I couldn’t sleep.  I finally had Matthew used to sleeping in his own bed and after reading that, I just couldn’t leave him alone.  I went and got him and he slept with me for several weeks.  When he cried, instead of getting frustrated that I couldn’t figure out why he cried, I was greatful that I had him, crying or not.  When he smiled, my heart ached for that poor mom who no longer got to see her beautiful baby smile.  My heart ached that she couldn’t comfort her crying baby.  Couldn’t give him a cookie.  It took me several weeks to be able to sleep peacefully without thinking about that baby and comparing him to my own.  It’s still very strong in my mind, and I still ache for that family, although I am sure they have tried their best to move on.  I’m not sharing this because I want everyone else to feel sad with me, but because I just wanted to share how much I love my baby, and I think I really just needed to get it out.  I can’t look at another baby, or my own baby and kids, without thinking “how can someone hurt something so innocent?”  Sure, we all get angry or upset, but we can also control ourselves and our anger.  And what kind of homelife is there for a 10 year old to know to do something so horrific?  To someone so trusting and innocent?  I realize my last post was about something similar, maybe that is what is making Jamie’s death so strong in my mind again.  I’d like to think I’m really NOT  depressing person!

Onto something less down-pulling!  I’ve made some progress on dear snowdrop!  I was trucking right along, I had 10 snowdrops completed, which is 5 repeats.  Then I realized that one of the repeats looked a little wonky.  I counted the stitches.  I was one less.  I couldn’t really figure out where the wonk was until I pulled it back and looked at the whole thing.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Somehow, I had dropped an entire snowdrop.  LOL!  So I took it out to the lifeline, which put me back at 6 snowdrops, and now I’m back up to 10, getting ready to start number 11.  Only 18 more to go!  🙂  I haven’t decided yet if I am going to do the lace edging, but we’ll see.  I’m sort of liking the way the shawl looks nice and straight on the edges.

I also joined the Mystery Stole 3, and I think tomorrow starts the first day of the first clue.  I have some yarn and needles ready for that, and I’m excited to do my first “mystery along”

Have a great day!

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We have progress!

Since using a different colored lifeline that is easier to see, and using a plethora (I love that word lol) of stitch markers, things have gone MUCH smoother, and I am starting to enjoy working on dear Snowdrop. I’m almost back to where I was when the big disaster of having to remove every stitch I’d made so far happened, and all is going quite smoothly. Well, smooth with a few bumps. Bumpily smooth?

So, many years ago….well, not many as in like 20, but many as in … 9 or 10, my husband got me interested in watching, of all things, wrestling. WCW, WWF (which is now WWE) and the like. I was hooked. I knew it was all “fake” and staged, but it’s TV. It’s almost all fake and staged. I didn’t see anything different between that and a soap opera, where Brooke really didn’t love Blake but led us all to believe it anyway, etc etc etc. So watch it I did. Twice a week, I think. I had my favorites…Rey Mysterio Jr, Konan, Big Sexxy, just to name a few. I got really into it, jumping off the couch screaming when something got me excited. LOL. I even got to go to one of the first live Smackdown events in Salt Lake a few years ago because I won tickets. I no longer watch wrestling, I just sort of “grew out of it.” But I do have to say I was saddened to read this today. My heart goes out to their family and friends. Whether or not someone is a fan of the show, it’s still sad. I can’t imagine what goes through someone’s mind that feels they need to do anything like what Chris did, and the turmoil that he must have felt as well, I am sure. I feel that way for anyone who feels the need to do this, not just for him because he’s a celebrity. I could never justify someone doing anything like this, but I can feel sympathy for them. I felt the same way about Andrea Yates in Texas. I felt so badly for her, to be in such a state that she thought she needed to do what she did. I’m not opening this up for discussion or argument. This is just how I feel. If you feel differently, that’s fine, and I have no issues with you or your opinion, and I would appreciate you allowing the same to me, so if you comment, please just be nice.

I’m currently reading several books. Normally I don’t do this, because I get the books confused between each other. But one of them is a children’s sort of book, I wanted to read it first to see if my girls would like me to read it to them (the American Girl series, so far so good in book 1) and the other is a me book…I can’t remember, Missing Persons, I think. A mystery. I love a good mystery! And the third is a different sort of book. It’s called Unsolved Mysteries of American Hystory: An Eye-Opening Journey through 500 Years of Discoveries, Disappearances, and Baffling Events. I don’t know that I’ll be reading this book cover to cover, because it’s got some things in it that might not interest me, but some if it is VERY intriguing. American History is one of my most favorite subjects. For a long time I wanted to be a history teacher. I think I got my love of history from my dad, who loved all things history, especially american history, and the old west. He was intrigued by the Native Americans (I can no longer call them Indians. I learned that Indians are from India. A Native American taught me this a couple of weeks ago, and what he had to say was awesome, I thought!). His love for history rubbed off on me and while I am no expert, nor do I want to be, I do love to read about it. And learn about it. If not for any other reason than I just like it. I needn’t have to do anything with the knowledge I learn from it, I have no desire anymore to teach it to other people’s children, but I do hope that my own kids will discover a liking, even if it is just small, of it. This book so far, has talked about who really discovered the Americas first, and when. And when the Native Americans got here, and where they might have come from, etc. I love it all. It’s as exciting to me as this shawl I am knitting, and I only wish I had the book on audio so that I could listen to it while I knit.

Well, that’s it for now.

Have a great day!

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I was using lifelines.  They weren’t saving any lives though.  I did switch from dental floss, which was nearly the same color as the yarn I’m using, to a fuschia colored wool that’s clearly a lot easier to see.  And Kat, who is my team captain for the Dish Rag Tag (button in the sidebar) mentioned using stitch markers at each repeat.  Why I never thought to use them is beyond me. I mean, I knew that people used markers in lace.  It’s a common thing.  But I didn’t do it.  And the markers I’m using?  They are made by Goody, and they are the teeny tiny hair ponytails that come in a package of a gabillion.   I love them!  So far, so good.  I’m liking that I haven’t had to remove any stitches yet.  Also, I would like to point out that Matthew has gotten FREAKING. CHOCOLATE. on my yarn.  And on the shawl.  Oh well.  Thankfully this is the cheapo crap that I am using (thank goodness because any nice expensive yarn would have been trashed by now after all the frogging and tinking i’ve done) and easily washable.

I would like to share with you that it is summertime.  And I have a cold.  I thought people didn’t get colds in the summertime?  What’s up with this?  I got it from Matthew.  I have no idea where he got it.  The girls aren’t in school, they aren’t sick, hubster isn’t sick, so what’s the deal?  I’m all achey and crabby.  Oy, the crabbies have really taken over!  For both Matthew and myself.  We’re the cranky twins LOL

I made some yummy soup the other day.  I had made a roast, and I didn’t want to waste the broth, so I cooked up some ground beef, and threw in some corn and green beans and let it cook in the crock pot for a gabillion hours, and man was it tasty!!  My mom told me that soups are a winter food.  I told her that I’m going to make lots of them this summer because it will heat up my house less than cooking, and we have no a/c.

Well, that’s about all I can think of to say for now…so with that…

Have a great day!

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Sadness has filled the swamp again…or the pond as it may be.

I don’t know where it happened…but it did. I messed up dear snowdrop. And I don’t know where it happened, as I said. I even took it back to a lifeline, and still can’t figure it out. So I’m starting over. And I’m ok with this. I was only 4 repeats in, so it’s not like I’m nearly done with it. And it’s easier to start over than to tink and tink and end up nearly at the beginning anyway. For me anyway. But I am NOT letting the shawl win 🙂 I figure this is all part of the game, and the learning thing, etc. I’m just copying the chart now (since I hilighted all over the other one) on the pages that I’m redoing, which is actually fun for me LOL! I love how it all looks so intricate on the charts.

In other awesome news..Tina has made something ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! If you want to see the precious thing she and her family have made together, I suggest you click that link. Here’s a hint: said something has XX in the chromosomes 🙂 Congrats Tina, I’m so excited for you guys 🙂

The girls had their first sleep over last night. At my house. Jessica’s best friend K. stayed the night and man… was that ever exhausting. And I don’t really know why because they weren’t entirely rowdy or anyting. K is very well behaved and VERY polite. I am making a mental note right now to make sure and let her parents know that I am impressed with that aspect. Not all six year olds are as polite.

Anyway, that’s it for now 🙂

Have a great day!

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I made a lonely sock.

I knitted one lonely little sock.  It will remain single forever, because I hate it.  It was intended to be a baby sock, and I started out using a pattern, but only for the cast on apparently.  Then I did a short row heel, because I think I like the way they look.  I like gussets too, but the SWH is new to me, so I like it more right now.  Then I went back to the pattern for the foot.  Then I did a different toe than I usually do.  The result?  It looks like a stupid sock.  I don’t know of any foot that it will stay on.  Perhaps it would make a good egg cover 🙂  I did, however, learn a new skill when kitchenering.  I don’t (yet!) have a darning egg, and I had read somewhere that if you stuff a darning egg in the toe of the sock, it is easier to pull the kitchenered stitches tighter.  So I looked around to see what I could use instead.  My nesting dolls from Russia worked GREAT!  The perfect size for the baby sock.

I started a new sock.  It’s a little bit bigger, and toe up.  I did the magic cast on this time for the first time, and hey! I LOVE IT!  I love the turkish cast on too, but the magic cast on….wow!  Looks really good 🙂  And I am using some Lion Brand Magic Stripes in a cool colorway, and I think they shall be for Matthew.  I always feel as if I have to only knit things to give people outside of my family.  But I think for this summer, I’m only going to knit for my kids.  They never seem to get any of the knits I make.  🙂   I know that might seem selfish, but I can make stuff for other people the rest of the year.

I also joined the Summer of Socks and the Dishrag Tag, buttons in the sidebar to link to them (I’m lazy, what can I say?).  I think both will be fun, and I am looking forward to them 🙂

Have a great day!

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I have…


Yes, you can squeal with delight!  I even have more than one, although only one or two knitting photos.  The rest will be those of my kiddos 🙂

First, this is exactly where I’m at with the shawl.  Can you believe it? I’M KNITTING LACE!!! 

                        Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

At the park:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

So there you have it!!!!

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How addicting

I’m still working along on the Snowdrop Shawl.  I have actually been able to sneak a few DAYTIME rows in!  But only because the kids are playing in their room and not out here distracting me 🙂  I did have to remove a HUGE chunk of it last night, and I couldn’t figure out why I kept messing up when I went back to the lifeline row.  So I removed the lifeline and went to the previous line that I’d kept for just such a reason, and when I got back up to the point I was at before, I realized what I’d done wrong.  I thought the lifeline was in one row, so I was working what went next, but I was off by a row LOL.  Now all is going well, and I’m getting quite pleased with how pretty it’s looking.  I still have a LONG ways to go, I need 28 snowdrops and I think I have 4.  Hehehe.  But I do have to say, this is very addicting.  Making something that looks so delicate and has such intricate looking designs.  And I’m actually making it with my own hands, and not just admiring someone else’s handiwork.  There’s definitely something quite satisfying about that.

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So my Snowdrop Shawl is coming along nicely.  But not after a lot more hard work.  I thought “I can be brave and do this without lifelines.”  That thought ended after I had to start completely over four or nine thousand times.  So I put in a lifeline at each new row of repeats.   Since starting the lifeline, I have had to rip back to each lifeline.  So far that’s only three rip backs, but man…. all that work 😦  It is definitely teaching me patience.  And it’s looking so pretty that giving up just is NOT an option.  I’ve tried other shawls and felt the same way, but I got so frustrated with the having to rip back that I gave up.  Don’t think for a minute that thought hasn’t crossed my mind this time, but I intend to persevere.  Then I’m going to go back to the other shawls that I’ve started and try again 🙂  Unfortunately, one of them that I purchased online is downloaded to my old computer, which is not up and running right now, so I’ll have to go back and buy it again.  Which is ok, this designer is one that I have no probmels supporting. I have also learned one other vital thing in lace knitting. It’s better to do it when my kids are in bed, or nowhere near me. Because I have to concentrate, and man can I get cranky if that concentration gets broken, because that will mean I have to rip back again. So my daytime knitting will be something else, and the shawl will have to slowly slog along at night. I’m ok with that though, because I have a couple of hours at night where I can knit after they go to bed, because I usually stay up until at 11:30 or 12, sometimes later. So I’ve got that covered.

Question about something. When you’re doing a slip 1, slip 1, insert L needle into R needle and knit the 2 sts togeter…. do you slip 1 slip 1 as if to knit them or purl them, if the pattern doesn’t specify. Is there a rule? I’ve been slipping as if to knit for the whole thing, but then I started wondering, what if I’m supposed to be slipping as if to purl? Does it lay differently if you do it one way or the other way? Just curious 🙂

Hope everyone has a nice day! The sun is actually SHINING here!!! We’re going to go to Parents and Pals, which is a parents/kids group that meets every Tuesday. I’m looking forward to it 🙂 It’s nice meeting new people, and there are lots of other stay at home moms, working moms, and such that take their little ones there that I can hang out with and get to know. Who knows, maybe one of them is a knitter! Or wants to become one! 🙂
After that, we’ll walk to the library, which is becoming a regular thing now, and I like that. The girls are getting used to it too. I’ve decided instead of 3 books a day for Jessica, she can read as many or as little as she wants, as long as she reads for 30 minutes a day. That seems to be going better, and I don’t feel so much like I’m forcing her to read. After the library, I’m going over to a friend’s house, and we’re having a crochet lesson with her and her daughter! I’m so excited about this one! I love teaching people how to play with yarn. They’ve already had one lesson, and Chandra, the mom, used to crochet, so she just needed the quick refresh, and the daughter…wow, she picked it up like she was born to do it. So we all know that means we’ll have to teach them to knit of course too 🙂 One of the other moms at Jessie’s school also wants me to teach her to knit, so I’m looking forward to that too 🙂 I told her by the end of the summer she’ll learn to knit socks LOL

Well, have a great day, again 🙂

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Extreme Home Makover can really make a girl weepy.  At least, this girl!  Also, I love Ty.  🙂

I’m working along on my snowdrop Shawl and it’s looking pretty good, I think. I have all 2189329823 pages of the charts all done. I thought about it, about making those charts. It took me several hours, because I had to have it perfect. Now that I’m doing it this way, and hiliting each row as I finish it, I think I like it. I can keep track better of what I’m doing, and see it in large view. Some might argue that it’s a waste of time, making the extra charts, but I think that in the future, I might do most of my lace projects this way. How do you all (besides Tina, since we’ve discussed it, and I got this idea from her! THANK YOU!) follow your lace charts?

I’m also working on a couple of hats, one for Jessie, one for Jennie. And a pair of socks that I’ve been knitting for about a month now. I just haven’t picked it up in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon. Oh, and I’m knitting a skirt for Jennifer, too. Jessica’s is next to get on the needles. But they both want 12 foot long skirts, so I’ll only be doing one of those at a time. Thank goodness it’s in the round, for me that makes it go quicker. No purling to have to deal with.

Have a great week!

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