Making a hat – Tracey style :)

Making a hat.  Tracey-style.

Get yarn.  I chose Patons SWS.  I heard it was great.  So far, it’s very pretty and soft, but I feel like I am knitting with hair, so I’m not all that fond of how it feels.  That being said, it is very pretty, and I like the way it looks, so I’ll continue on with it, despite the human hair feel I think it has.

Make swatch.  Measure swatch.  I am using a size 5 16″ circ.  The actual size needle called for is a 9, but I figured since I was swatching my own and making up my own hat, with no pattern, that that didn’t matter.  Measure swatch (I know, I said that already) and I get 6 spi.  Ok. 

Measure hat wearer’s head.  22 inches. 

Math.  EW.  Calculator.  Or in my case, cell phone.  It has a calculator.  Multiply 6 x 22 right?  Yes.  I had to use a calculator for that.  Math is by far my very least favorite thing to do in the world.  Cell phone gave me an answer of 132.  I double checked with my husband, after giving him the “story problem” of knitting a hat, and he came up with the same answer.

So I cast on 132 stiches.  I’m knitting away thinking wow….this hat looks HUGE.  FREAKING huge to be exact.  But I figure it’s just me and that maybe it will look normal once I get into it more.  But you see, and those of you with experience will know, that is where I was wrong.  It was not normal.  Unless Jessica’s head is the size of a car tire.  It was FREAK. ING. HUGE.  What on earth did I do wrong?  I measured the hat again, and still I get 6 spi.  Jessie’s head is still 22 inces (she’s a 6 year old with a rather large head, but you don’t look at her and think WOW! BIG HEAD!).  WHAT did I do wrong?  Is it because I used a smaller than called for needle for this yarn?  Should that make a difference if I measured out my swatch and her head?  I mean, if I used a size 9, I would still have to measure swatch/head/math wouldn’t I?  Of course.  SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?  Said tire cover has been frogged and I’m confused about why I can’t figure out how to knit a simple roll brim hat.

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