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Jessie and 2 other girls are going to be in a kid’s parade this Friday, and the theme is Back at the Farm.  The three girls are going to be pigs, and I was wanting to knit the pig noses for them.  We have the stuff we need for ears and tails, but the paper noses they want to tape on the girls might not stay if it rains or if they sweat.  So I was thinking knitted (or crocheted, I am willing to go either way LOL) pig noses would be cute, and we could just tie them on around the back of their heads.  So, does anyone know of a pattern that is readily available (meaning I could purchase it online and download it, or it’s free, not have to order any books, since I need it so quickly) that might help me out? 

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  1. Love the new blog! I like the set up :).

  2. Thanks Isela 🙂 I’m learning how to make it look purdy and all! 🙂

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