Pioneer Picnic

I’ve not really done much in the way of knitting lately.  The last two days have been too busy.  You see, in Brownsville every year, they have the Pioneer Picnic, which is a huge event.  Yesterday we had a kiddie parade, today was the grand parade.   The girls go to be in the kiddie parade, and although I tried to knit Jessica’s piggy snout, I just couldn’t make it work right, so I ended up crocheting it.  It still turned out cute, she was, of course, the best pig 🙂  The theme was Back at the Farm, that’s why she was a pig.  Anyway, there are also booths at the park.  Not a thousand of them, like at some festivals, but it was a nice amount.  There was a group of ladies tatting their hearts away, and you could tell they love what they do.  I’ve never learned tatting, and looking at the intricate pieces they were doing…I’m not sure I want to.  It looks quite hard.  But very pretty, and they were qutie talented.  There was a lady today knitting socks, and she was displaying some to sell.  I talked, asked her if she had a blog, because I read a blog by a lady with the same name.  Turns out, there are two very similarly named blogs, and I wasn’t reading hers, but another lady’s who also knits socks like no tomorrow.  So we exchanged blog sites and talked a bit about socks and sock yarn and how much fun it is to knit socks.  There was a homemade soap booth, and it made me really want some.  But I held back and didn’t buy any because 1) it was more than I wanted to spend for it and 2) we have a TON of different soaps at home for some reason LOL.  There were of course the jewelry booths, photo displays, plants, quilts, etc.  In the fiber arts, I looked through, of course, and the stuff displayed was quite nice.  And stuff that I can do, and even though I’m not the Yarn Harlot when it comes to knitting, I think I could do quite well to enter something next year.  So I think I will 🙂

There was also an area set up with Tee Pees and this little house on the prairie looking area… LOL I don’t know what else to call it.  A Pioneer tent I guess.  That area was my favorite.  We went in one of the TeePees and there was a guy in there who is part Cherokee and he told a little history of Native Americans and taught the kids a few words, and told us that he actually uses this as his home, and how the Native Americans in 1830-something used them, and how they heated them, but made the smoke go out in a sneaky manner so that the other Native American’s couldn’t find them and harm them or something.  It was interesting.  So I decided that as a summer project, the girls and I will learn a little bit about Oregon and the Native Americans in this area, and make a sort of journal/scrapbook as we go along.  I thought it would be something fun to keep our minds busy this summer, so we don’t turn to mush before school starts 🙂  And maybe throw in some of Brownsville history too, since Brownsville is the 3rd oldest town in Oregon (or something like that.) 

So with all this going on, we had to spend a lot of the day at the park yesterday, then we went back again today to play again and look at the stuff that wasn’t there yet yesterday, hang out, have lunch, visit, and learn about the teepees.  And the grand parade was fun.  Matthew LOVED the fire trucks.  He’s really in to cars and trucks.  I knew boys and girls were different, for obvious reasons, but he is VERY into the trucks, cars, dirt, etc.  My girls were in to dolls, barbies and dirt.  LOL 

I wanted to link some stuff in here, but I haven’t figured out how to make that work yet, so here’s the page I wanted to link you to if you want to see a little about Brownsville:  Lots of interesting stuff!  My favorite is that they filmed a lot of the movie Stand By Me here. 

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