Extreme Home Makover can really make a girl weepy.  At least, this girl!  Also, I love Ty.  🙂

I’m working along on my snowdrop Shawl and it’s looking pretty good, I think. I have all 2189329823 pages of the charts all done. I thought about it, about making those charts. It took me several hours, because I had to have it perfect. Now that I’m doing it this way, and hiliting each row as I finish it, I think I like it. I can keep track better of what I’m doing, and see it in large view. Some might argue that it’s a waste of time, making the extra charts, but I think that in the future, I might do most of my lace projects this way. How do you all (besides Tina, since we’ve discussed it, and I got this idea from her! THANK YOU!) follow your lace charts?

I’m also working on a couple of hats, one for Jessie, one for Jennie. And a pair of socks that I’ve been knitting for about a month now. I just haven’t picked it up in a few weeks. Hopefully I’ll finish it soon. Oh, and I’m knitting a skirt for Jennifer, too. Jessica’s is next to get on the needles. But they both want 12 foot long skirts, so I’ll only be doing one of those at a time. Thank goodness it’s in the round, for me that makes it go quicker. No purling to have to deal with.

Have a great week!

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  1. I still highlight for lace. Just something rewarding about it. I so want to knit lace again. Soon… Check out (quickly before it closes) the Mysterystole3 yahoogroup. It’s starting up soon. Lately my knitting as all been test knits for Knitpicks that I haven’t been able to take pictures and blog about. I finished a lace sweater, a quillow/afghan type thing, and I’m working on textured socks at the moment for them. Ah well soon I’ll have baby pictures instead to blog about!

    Did you know that Ty and the crew came to Logan last fall. I didn’t get to see Ty in person but I did see a few of the others, and saw them put a roof on etc. I wasn’t there for when they moved the bus, but it was fun to go over once in a while and stand and watch all the little busy people work.

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