We have progress!

Since using a different colored lifeline that is easier to see, and using a plethora (I love that word lol) of stitch markers, things have gone MUCH smoother, and I am starting to enjoy working on dear Snowdrop. I’m almost back to where I was when the big disaster of having to remove every stitch I’d made so far happened, and all is going quite smoothly. Well, smooth with a few bumps. Bumpily smooth?

So, many years ago….well, not many as in like 20, but many as in … 9 or 10, my husband got me interested in watching, of all things, wrestling. WCW, WWF (which is now WWE) and the like. I was hooked. I knew it was all “fake” and staged, but it’s TV. It’s almost all fake and staged. I didn’t see anything different between that and a soap opera, where Brooke really didn’t love Blake but led us all to believe it anyway, etc etc etc. So watch it I did. Twice a week, I think. I had my favorites…Rey Mysterio Jr, Konan, Big Sexxy, just to name a few. I got really into it, jumping off the couch screaming when something got me excited. LOL. I even got to go to one of the first live Smackdown events in Salt Lake a few years ago because I won tickets. I no longer watch wrestling, I just sort of “grew out of it.” But I do have to say I was saddened to read this today. My heart goes out to their family and friends. Whether or not someone is a fan of the show, it’s still sad. I can’t imagine what goes through someone’s mind that feels they need to do anything like what Chris did, and the turmoil that he must have felt as well, I am sure. I feel that way for anyone who feels the need to do this, not just for him because he’s a celebrity. I could never justify someone doing anything like this, but I can feel sympathy for them. I felt the same way about Andrea Yates in Texas. I felt so badly for her, to be in such a state that she thought she needed to do what she did. I’m not opening this up for discussion or argument. This is just how I feel. If you feel differently, that’s fine, and I have no issues with you or your opinion, and I would appreciate you allowing the same to me, so if you comment, please just be nice.

I’m currently reading several books. Normally I don’t do this, because I get the books confused between each other. But one of them is a children’s sort of book, I wanted to read it first to see if my girls would like me to read it to them (the American Girl series, so far so good in book 1) and the other is a me book…I can’t remember, Missing Persons, I think. A mystery. I love a good mystery! And the third is a different sort of book. It’s called Unsolved Mysteries of American Hystory: An Eye-Opening Journey through 500 Years of Discoveries, Disappearances, and Baffling Events. I don’t know that I’ll be reading this book cover to cover, because it’s got some things in it that might not interest me, but some if it is VERY intriguing. American History is one of my most favorite subjects. For a long time I wanted to be a history teacher. I think I got my love of history from my dad, who loved all things history, especially american history, and the old west. He was intrigued by the Native Americans (I can no longer call them Indians. I learned that Indians are from India. A Native American taught me this a couple of weeks ago, and what he had to say was awesome, I thought!). His love for history rubbed off on me and while I am no expert, nor do I want to be, I do love to read about it. And learn about it. If not for any other reason than I just like it. I needn’t have to do anything with the knowledge I learn from it, I have no desire anymore to teach it to other people’s children, but I do hope that my own kids will discover a liking, even if it is just small, of it. This book so far, has talked about who really discovered the Americas first, and when. And when the Native Americans got here, and where they might have come from, etc. I love it all. It’s as exciting to me as this shawl I am knitting, and I only wish I had the book on audio so that I could listen to it while I knit.

Well, that’s it for now.

Have a great day!

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  1. Are we sisters? lol
    Way back when, the dh and I used to watch Nitro. That was before it was taken over (or retaken over or what ever it was) by WWE (never could get into that as much, it seemed a bit more crude to me) But we liked the fakeness, Sting, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Hart, Piper, the New World Order, the Four Horsemen etc. While I haven’t watched wrestling in years I do remember watching Chris wrestle and tell the story of wrestling to the people. It’s really sad what happened.

  2. No rude comments coming from here – I think it’s only humane and broad-minded to think about the circumstances people act in such terrible ways. Without compassion also to those who’ve done wrong we’d all be lost, I think.

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