I love my kids!

I have a love of reading true crime stories.  I have no idea why, but I think the forensics of it is what intrigues me.  The actual crimes disgust me, and I hate that we have to live in a world where those things go on.  I think the mystery of it is interesting as well.  But the most intresting thing I think to me, is how they found out who did what, and when they did it, etc.  Anyway, a month or two ago I read a story on http://www.crimelibrary.com that has made it so that I haven’t really read much in the TC genre anymore lately.  Several years ago a tragedy occured for a family in England, 2 10 year old boys kidnapped their son, and tortured him and left him for dead.  The baby was only 2 or 3 years old.  The night I read that….I couldn’t sleep.  I finally had Matthew used to sleeping in his own bed and after reading that, I just couldn’t leave him alone.  I went and got him and he slept with me for several weeks.  When he cried, instead of getting frustrated that I couldn’t figure out why he cried, I was greatful that I had him, crying or not.  When he smiled, my heart ached for that poor mom who no longer got to see her beautiful baby smile.  My heart ached that she couldn’t comfort her crying baby.  Couldn’t give him a cookie.  It took me several weeks to be able to sleep peacefully without thinking about that baby and comparing him to my own.  It’s still very strong in my mind, and I still ache for that family, although I am sure they have tried their best to move on.  I’m not sharing this because I want everyone else to feel sad with me, but because I just wanted to share how much I love my baby, and I think I really just needed to get it out.  I can’t look at another baby, or my own baby and kids, without thinking “how can someone hurt something so innocent?”  Sure, we all get angry or upset, but we can also control ourselves and our anger.  And what kind of homelife is there for a 10 year old to know to do something so horrific?  To someone so trusting and innocent?  I realize my last post was about something similar, maybe that is what is making Jamie’s death so strong in my mind again.  I’d like to think I’m really NOT  depressing person!

Onto something less down-pulling!  I’ve made some progress on dear snowdrop!  I was trucking right along, I had 10 snowdrops completed, which is 5 repeats.  Then I realized that one of the repeats looked a little wonky.  I counted the stitches.  I was one less.  I couldn’t really figure out where the wonk was until I pulled it back and looked at the whole thing.  I wish I had taken a picture.  Somehow, I had dropped an entire snowdrop.  LOL!  So I took it out to the lifeline, which put me back at 6 snowdrops, and now I’m back up to 10, getting ready to start number 11.  Only 18 more to go!  🙂  I haven’t decided yet if I am going to do the lace edging, but we’ll see.  I’m sort of liking the way the shawl looks nice and straight on the edges.

I also joined the Mystery Stole 3, and I think tomorrow starts the first day of the first clue.  I have some yarn and needles ready for that, and I’m excited to do my first “mystery along”

Have a great day!

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