For those of you who crochet, did you know you can do cables? I learned them a few months ago, just playing around, I’ve never crocheted anything with cables yet. But look at these SOCKS! Crocheted cable socks, and they look quite nice, I think! Anyway, just wanted to share 🙂

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Ode to my flip flop

Well, not really.  I’m not much of a poet.  But I do have a sad story about a flip flop.  It was my flip flop.  Some of you might find it funnier than sad though LOL

We went to the river today at the park.  Jessica decided to put all three floaty toys in the water at once when we got there.  And of course, they flowed away and she shrieked THE TOYS GET THE TOYS!  So I had her hold the baby’s hand while I dived in to get the floating beach ball, inner tube and this…half-bed type thing that floated away.  I had hurriedly put the bottle of sunscreen in my shorts pocket.  Out pops the sunscreen, but I didn’t know it yet.  Not until I felt my flip flop pop off and I turned around to see if I could manage to grab it while still holding on to the beach ball, the inner tube and the floatybedthingy.  No chance.  It was farther away.  I had to make a quick decision.  Let the girls cry that their toys are gone, or leave my shoe and the sunscreen floating down the river.  I opted in favor of the girls.  What good were the new water toys if they had to watch them float away and never play with them.  Also, please note that several people were watching this whole escapade of me splashing around trying to save everything.  Some little girl did manage to save my sunscreen, and gave it back to me.  She did not manage to save the shoe however, so I had to limp through the rocks in the river bed that were hurting my feet.  Oh well.  You treated me well dear flip flop, you treated me well.  I’ve thrown your abandoned companion away.  I also have replaced you with brighter flip flops.  You were black as the ace of spades, and hard to see in the water when you went astray.  Your replacements are bright yellow, and much easier to see.  To you, my dear flip flop, I bid thee farewell.  To the new flip flops?  WAHOOO!  I GOT NEW FLIP FLOPS!!! 🙂

I also managed to get a nice sunburn 😦  While Jessica tries to do her very best at helping me put on sunscreen, she really misses a lot of my skin, so I didn’t bother today, thinking I might be tan enough that I wouldn’t get much of a sunburn.  I was wrong.  I got much of a sunburn.  I didn’t realize quite how much it hurt until I breastfed Matthew and he grabbed my chest with his sharp little claws fingers.  I think I did a silent screech.  (Silent because hubby is asleep still since he works graveyards.  He needn’t be awakened by my screeching over a sunburn LOL)   Anyway, the girls didn’t get any burns, nor did Matthew, thank goodness.  I don’t want them having to deal with that icky pain!

I had to get Jessica a booster seat.  Before, she was tall enough that she didn’t need one, but the news the other night said that there’s a new child safety seat law here, and that if you’re under 4’9″ and 80 lbs or less, you have to be in some sort of child safety seat.  FOUR FEET NINE INCHES!  There are some adults that small!  My mom is only three inches taller than that!  Anyway, I found a booster seat at Wal Mart and we’re all happy, and we’ll be avoiding the 97 dollar ticket now, if we get pulled over for some reason.

On the knitting front, I am basically finished with Matthew’s LB Magic Stripe socks.  I just have to weave in the ends on the toes, and trim the excess and that’s it.  I’ve gotten a tinch farther on Dear Snowdrop, and I started over on the MS3 stole because I messed up somewhere, but I was only a few rows into it (only about 20?) so it wasn’t a huge loss.  I like the way it knits up though, it looks nice with the yarn I’m using, I think 🙂

Well, Happy 4rth (yes 4rth, I prefer it that way!) of July!

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