Hats, hats, hats!

I’ve been in ‘hat mode’ lately.  I found a pattern online that I’ve become a bit obsessed with.  I think I’ve made… 6?  I love it, because to make different sizes, you just change the hook you’re using.  Hook?  Oh yes, I’ve been crocheting a lot lately.  I’m trying to bust through the stash to get rid of all these lonely skeins, and hats and scarves seem to be quite assisting in that.  You can find the pattern here.  I changed it a bit.  Instead of using the muppet fur, I opted to just use either the same colorway as the rest of the hat, or a contrasting one.  I like it, and the kids love it.  It all works out just great 🙂  I’m trying to make a bunch of them, as well as some scarves (not necessarily matching sets, just hats and scarves in general) to donate to a women’s shelter for my project this year.    I got all excited to show you all pictures of what I’ve been doing, but then I realized, the digital cam is in the car.  And my husband has the car.  At work.  Until six in the morning.  So you’ll just have to wait.  Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing some pics soon, because I’ve realized I’ve mostly just done text posts this year.  How boring I am.  Maybe that can be one of my NY goals for next year?  We’ll see.  I hate setting goals.  It’s so disappointing when you break them on January 2.

Let’s see…what else is new?  Oh, I’ve made a friend here that I’ve been teaching to knit and crochet!!!  I’ve been having a lot of fun hanging out with her and playing with string, hooks and sticks. 

We’ve also been sick.  All of us.  And it’s getting old.  My 5 year old got sick first, then a few days later, my husband, then my 6 (almost 7! I’VE BEEN A PARENT ALMOST 7 YEARS! HOLY FRICK, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???????) year old got it.  Then I got it.  Then Kenny got it, again (Kenny = the husband) and Matthew, the baby, has it as well.  The flu bug.  Blech.  I blended in quite nicely with the couch for a few days, sucking down nyquil and dayquil as though it were diet coke.  Ok, so not really, but it felt like it.  Now I’m almost better, and haven’t had to have any meds today 🙂 

I got my first bee sting the other day.  Well, one week ago tomorrow actually.  I also got my 2nd and 3rd stings.  I was at my mom’s house, last Tuesday, and I felt something on my arm.  It felt as though I’d scratched it on something, and when I went outside and exposed it to the chilly air, it stung a little, like a fresh scratch would.  Nothing painful, just a bit irritated and “there”  Then I felt it again, so I reached to my arm to feel for the scratch, but nothing.  So I kept visiting with my mom, thinking it must just be one of those weird things.  Then I felt it again.  What the heck is this???  I still felt nothing there when I touched it.  I mean, I could feel the little sting, but not any scratch or anything.  Then I saw something move out of the corner of my eye.  I thought it was a spider.  And it was crawling along the chair I was sitting on.  And I was ready to scream my head off, because my fear of spiders is …. HUGE.  Then I realized it was just a bee.  A wasp, actually, I’m told.  So I flicked it on the deck at my mom’s order (my mom feels the same way about bees as I do about spiders, so we work well together.  She kills the spiders, I kill the bees.)  So upon flicking it, I of course squish it.  Then I thought ‘Hrm… I wonder if it stung me and that’s what I was feeling?’  So I held my arm up for my mom to see, asked if it looked like I might be stung, and she said sure enough, that’s what it was.  So I asked the hubster to look for a stinger, because I didn’t know at first what type of bee it was.  He inspected, and couldn’t find one, and that’s when he told me it was most likely a wasp that stung me.  Then I was looking at it a day or two later, when it was all huge and red and puffy and swollen (the red area was bigger than the diameter of a baseball) and upon closer examination, I saw three areas where the little creature had impaled my arm with his venom.  It’s still huge and red and puffy and itchy and swollen today.  Driving me crazy.  Tomorrow will be 8 days.  How long does this last?  A few days after my stingings, Jessica, the 6-almost-7-year-old got stung on the neck, but hers had a stinger.  And her sting site was nearly gone by the time she got home from school, and the next day you couldn’t see where it happened at all.  I’m glad, I don’t wish this itching on anyone!  So, any of those three (two?) readers I might have left out there, if you’ve been stung, how long did your symptoms persist?  Are you allergic?  Am I destined to itch for the rest of my life? 

 Well, that’s about it for now.  Hope to post some pics tomorrow 🙂

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