Ok, so those mittens I was knitting yesterday, and LOVING?  Not feelin the love so much tonight.  I was working on it, and it just wasn’t flowing the way it should.  I was past the cuff, past the thumb, and working on to the hand, and I just wasn’t feeling the love.  In fact, I hated it so much I took it apart, and am not sure now if that poor finished mitten will ever see its mate.  The pattern really looks so cute knitted all up, and true, I was dreading the seamage at the end.  I think I shall just search for another pattern that involves several pointy sticks rather than just two.  Ravelry seems to be my greatest pattern source lately.  I LOVE it over there!  Look for me if you like, I’m romiettah 🙂

 Other than that, not much went on today.  A lady from church wanted to stop by and visit, so I had the house all nice and tidy, which for me was not an easy feat as I HATE cleaning the house.  But I cleaned the kitchen last night and got up early this morning to make sure it was all nice and decent looking for her, and she never showed up.  Never called.  Nothing.  Oh well.  This isn’t the first time she’s flaked on me, and I sort of had the feeling in the back of my mind, but at least my house is clean 🙂  Well, most of it anyway.  You can always shut a bedroom door 😉

I also just finished a book called Pendragon: The Merchant of Death by JD MacHale.  I found it in the Young Adult section of the library (actually it was the bookmobile that comes around once a week!) and it was quite good.  I am now getting ready to start book two of the series.  If you like fantasy type stuff, and don’t mind reading Young Adult books, you might really like this.  I’d say it’s about the same age group as Harry Potter, or somewhere about there.  I’d like to eventually buy the books and have them in my own collection for my kids to read later on.  And with Jessie, that later on might be sooner rather than later.  She’s the highest reader in her class *beam*  Her teacher (she’s in first grade) was talking with the 2nd/3rd grade split (it’s split because there’s an overflow of 2nd graders and 3rd graders, but not enough of each to have a new teacher for each grade, so they just put them all in the same class and adjust accordingly) …anyway, she was talking with the 2nd/3rd split teacher about Jessie and how she’s reading at a 3rd grade level, and that teacher offered to have her go to that class for her reading.  Jessie’s teacher said she might to do that for, but she wanted to think about it.  Then she decided it wasn’t really in Jessie’s best interest and is going to keep her in her own class for reading, and just work with her on a bit higher of a level.  I’m actually glad she chose this because while Jessie does great at home and around a few other kids, at school, she is VERY shy and it takes her some time to open up for her teacher.  She’s just barely starting to open up for her own teacher, and I think that if she had another teacher to have to get used to as well, that might make her petrified.  Not to mention that the other teacher, while a great teacher, can be rather … abrupt.  I’m quite satisfied that she is getting the attention that she needs and is getting the challenges that she needs as well.  At parent teacher conference I mentioned that, as did her teacher, that we were concerned about her getting bored, and the teacher’s been pushing her to go a little further in her assignments, which has been helping.  And at home, she gets “fun reading” and “homework reading.”  For fun, she can read whatever she wants, be it a baby book of Matthew’s, or her own older kid books.  But for her homework reading, she has to read books that I approve, that give her a bit of a challenge.  Anyway, that’s how she’s doing…quite well.  My kindergartener is also doing really well.  At first she was having a hard time getting adjusted to going to school all day and was REALLY whiney and crying a lot.  I started putting her to bed much earlier, and that has helped a ton.  Her teacher was worried that she might not be ready for kindergarten because she is so young (her birthday was three days before the cut off).  But academically she seems to be actually above where she should be, so I’m not concerned one bit.  She acts like a five year old and I’d expect nothing less.  And Matthew is of course a giant sponge learning everything he possibly can.  You know how babies are 🙂 

With that, I think I shall go peruse patterns, play with Ravelry for a while, and start a mitten or two 🙂

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