Holiday giving

This year, for the little kiddos in our family (niece/nephews/friend’s kids) we’re giving something weird, homemade, and cool.  At least, I think it’s cool 🙂  We were watching PBS the other day and they were having their fundraiser, and this couple who own Kid Concoctions was doing their thing, showing how to make these totally cool globs of stuff.  Well, we decided this would be fun for the little people to play with, and we found a kit at Wal Mart (we weren’t even looking, just got lucky!) that had some ingredients, but most importantly the project book with the recipes.  We’ve made a couple of batches of Gooey Gunk.  Our first batch we did wrong, and it turned into a … Gunk Ball LOL.  I’m also going to make play dough.  My friend told me of a kool aid recipe for play dough, and I’ll google it later to see if I can find one.  My niece loves that kind of stuff, and it’s quite within my budget 🙂  Hopefully my cousin’s kids will like it, and my friend’s kids 🙂  I’m also making scarves and dishcloths for people as well.  Hopefully they’ll not mind all this homemadeness for Christmas, but I’ve decided that’s one of my favorite things about the holiday season, is giving homemade things to people.  It’s putting more thought into it, and to me, it gives that person a sort of connection with you, if that makes sense. 

My kindergartener has to have an eye exam.  She had one last year at pre-school, and failed, and she had one at her physical last year, and failed as well (both were around the same time) and the eye doctor I took her to disappointed me.  She said that her while her eye exam was abnormal, she didn’t want to correct it right now because she was too young.  I felt like this dr didn’t want to give me the time of day really, because I didn’t have insurance and had this certificate thing to pay for our visit and glasses if she needed it, and I just felt like that was the reason she didn’t want to prescribe lenses for Jennie.  I know that kids her age have glasses because my other daughter has had hers since she was 3.  Jennifer was 4 at this visit, now she is 5, and the school did their routine exam that they do every year, and of course, she failed.  She’s even complained to me that she has trouble seeing things.  She complained to her pre school teachers the same thing last year, but what do you do when the dr says “oh don’t worry about it, she’ll probably grow out of it by next year”  Clearly she did not, and now she needs to go see another eye doctor (NOT the same one) and that dr has to fill out a form to mail back to the school verifying that she’s been seen, etc.  I’m frustrated that I tried to take care of this, and was told not to worry about it.  I should have stuck to my gut feeling and insisted on her helping my child to see better.  I’ll be going to the previous office where she had her exam and getting a copy of the records to take to a new doctor and comparing notes. 

Hope all your holidays this season are happy 🙂

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