Hats hats and more hats :)

I’ve been working the last week or so on making hats.  I’m knitting and crocheting them, and really enjoying it.  I’ve made I think three or four so far.  I’m making all these hats to donate to the local WIC program. Right now, finances are tight for us, and we are participating in the benefits of this wonderful program, and when I went in the other day for their nutrion education expo they gave my son an adorable knitted hat. I asked if I might be able to donate some hand made hats to them, and they welcomed the idea, and said they like to have enough hats to give to each child person that comes into their program, be they newborn or adult. Matthew got the last hat that day. I feel that although it’s a minute gesture, it is a way for me to give back, and I hope to donate several hats over the next year. I encourage you to make a few hats to donate to your local WIC program as well, as I’m sure they could use them too 🙂 One pattern in particular that I am enjoying is found here and is great. It’s a basic hat recipe, and I hope the designer doesn’t mind me mentioning it here. I have also crocheted a couple of hats, one in Oregon Ducks colors, and one that looks like a tomato.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year!

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  1. If you need yarn, I can share some of my hat stash with you. I’m doing my “New Year’s purge” this month and am finding all kinds of yarn stashed all over my house. It’s kind of crazy. I would be happy to send it your way if you want to knit for WIC (or for whatever charity you like).

    Kathy in Michigan

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