Yarn suggestion

I am participating in a class next year, a “block of the month” type of class, wherein we are knitting, wait for it….wait for it…A BLOCK A MONTH! 🙂  Anyway, this is going to be a blanket for me, and I’d really like to go with some blues, because the color of my new comfortor is blue.  But color is beside the point.  I’m wanting to make the blanket from Cascade 220, and wonder if anyone has any other suggestions that might be good for this.

My hats are coming along nicely 🙂  I’m working on a tan hat now, with a red strip aound the center.  Jennie tried to claim it as her own, but it’s too small for her head, so I told her I’d make her a bigger one, just for her, and that this one is for donating.

Speaking of Jennie, my five year old, she had her first filling today on one of her teeth.  She ran into the dentist’s office like it was Disneyland lol.  And this office is GREAT, we walked in, and before I even sat down, they took her back.  Then I started filling out some paperwork for an upcoming appointment for myself and my other daughter, and she was done before I was done with the paperwork!  And she came out all smiles and giggles!  What a great place 🙂  And the dentist is going to call later tonight to check up on her.  I’ve never had a dentist do that after fillings, I’m impressed.  This dentist goes to the same church as we do, so it helped Jennie to feel more comfortable to see someone she knows, and he is really great with kiddos.  If you lived in my area, I’d recommend him 🙂

Want a weather report for Brownsville, Oregon?  It’s raining.  I’m sure you’re shocked 🙂  It’s also cold. 

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