Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers on Thursday!  I am really REALLY hoping this will help in my quest to shed the five extra people living within me (well, five if you count that I’m using my 20 month old’s weight size as the body weight of those five extra people!)  I have my main goal of 10% insight, which right now is 24 pounds (I’ll leave the number at that, you can figure out the weight yourself if you like).  From there I guess we assess it and to another 10% of that body weight.  My “mini goal” is to hopefully lose 5 pounds by the time I go on my weekend trip to Denver on Feb 8.  Not sure if I can meet it, but I’m darned sure gonna try!

 I have been watching old movies lately.  Not old like silet film era, but some really cute Doris Day movies.  I watched Send Me No Flowers, with her and Rock Hudson and Tony Randall, and I watched Pillow Talk, again with Doris, Rock and Tony.  And I watched the Pajama Game, with Doris.  No, I’m not obsessing, but I do think I enjoy her talent quite a bit, and I really love that era for movies.  They are so … innocent.  Not filled with smut and sex and drugs and violence, but instead with innocent love and maturity.  If you have an recommendations for oldy moldies (as I call them) send them my way!

I got some sockotta sock yarn for Christmas.  I LOVE the colors.  But I must confess that I am not all that fond of knitting with cotton yarn.  I get the worst case of the ladders and it drives me batty.  I’ve been obsessing about it to the point where I think I drove my LYS owner crazy lol!  She is thinking that maybe I am pulling the yarn too tight to prevent the ladders, thus causing a ladder anyway.  So I changed to another sock, and am knitting a Jennie-sized sock on some nice beautiful feeling Opal.  Still have a touch of the ladders, but nothing I think a good blocking won’t cure 🙂  And I’m doing it on magic loop, because it was the only needle I had in my possession in the right size.  Which is fine, I like the ML ok 🙂

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  1. I hope you reach your goal…sending good vibes!

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