Feng shui

I think I am slowly discovering what “feng shui” not only means, but feels like.  I’m trying to declutter my life, and by simply removing some clutter from my living room, and getting rid of a large piece of furniture (ok, so I didn’t get rid of it, I put it in my bedroom for now, until we “get rid of it” for real, but out of sigh out of mind, right?) from my living room really helped.  Of course, I put something else in it’s place, but it was less of a piece than what was previously there.  Before, I had this huge rolltop desk (the roll top part broke though, but it still looks halfway decent) there, and now I have my keyboard piano there.  The desk only served to collect crap.  We didn’t sit at it to write bills, or use the computer (which never set foot on the desk anyway lol) or anything.  It really was only there as a crap holder.  The piano however (or keyboard on a stand, but it’s a decent keyboard) looks much better there, and makes me feel like a small burden has been lifted off the shoulders, literally.  It’s incredible the huge amount of difference such a small change can make, really.  I am also going to attempt some rearranging in my living room, because I’m about due for a change.  But I can only accomplish this if my friend comes over to help me, for two reasons.  1) I’m not good at decorating.  I don’t put things in smooth locations, where they just seem to “fit” and 2) my couch is from like 1950 and it’s a hide a bed, and it weighs like 200 pounds, and there’s no way I can move that sucker on my own.  So if the fog clears up (it’s 10:00 a.m. and foggier than heck right now in Brownsville) then my friend is coming over to help me out with this project.  Otherwise, my husband will have to help me with it when he gets home from his vacation (he went to Utah for his birthday.  We didn’t all go because 1) we couldn’t afford it really, even with the free tickets, and 2) the kids have school and I didn’t want to pull them out and have them miss a week.

In knitting news, I’m coming along nicely on my opal Niffie socks.  I have one done, and the other is getting it’s short row heel, and then I’ll be in the home stretch (is that one word? homestretch?) for the foot and toe 🙂  I’m also still working on my moss stitch square for my block of the month.  Moss stitch, while I think it looks really cool, is rather boring to knit, and I’m slow at it because for one, I am a slow knitter, and for another, I am a thrower, so it takes that extra time to bring the yarn to the front/back/front/back/etc.  I have tried to knit continental, but it just doesn’t fit for me, sort of like the left shoe doesn’t really fit on the right foot.  You can wear it, but it just doesn’t feel right.  I’m content with it this way, despite everyone telling me that I NEED to learn it.  To those people I say MEH.  I can do whatever I want, any ole time 🙂

That’s about it.  I go in tomorrow to Weight Watchers for my first weigh in.  Well, second really, but this will be my first “results” weigh in, and I hope I have some.  And good ones.  I don’t want to go in and find out I am two pounds heavier than when I started because I have been working hard at all this preparing points and making the best of my meals to make them last so that I don’t get hungry sooner than I should.  So we’ll see tomorrow 🙂

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  1. I just came across your blog via a word search for Feng Shui and I just wanted to say that I love your style fo writing!!

    We recently repainted the lounge pale green in our bed and breakfast accommodation according to Feng Shui recommendations and it really does make a difference to the feel of the place.

    Good luck with the weigh-in!

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