Insert curse words here. ALL OF THEM.

I have had SUCH a day.  It began with me completely forgetting to go out on my walkrun this morning.  My partner called me up at 7:50 (I’m usually there around 7:30 or so) and said “So I guess you’re not coming over….”  Crap thing, the first.

I have to go to the laundrymat now because my mom has moved, two hours away, thus taking her washer and dryer with her.  Go figure.  Not that I’d have any room in my 12 square foot apartment anyway.  Crap thing, the second.

My house?  Let’s just say the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina looked better than this.  It’s hard to organize when you live in 12 square feet.  I hate the mess.  I hate the clutter.  I hate having nowhere to put anything.  I hate that I am the most unorganized person in the entire *curse word here* world.  Crap thing, the third.

My oldest daughter has lost a classroom book.  Each day they bring a book home that belongs to the classroom.  My daughter is the highest reader in the class, so she has to read the big chapter books (well, not big to you or I, but in the world of first graders, it’s cool to be reading Junie B. Jones Has  a Monster in Her Pocket).  Said book about Junie and her monster filled pocket is now missing.  I cleaned the girls’s room looking for it.  Not in there.  Looked everywhere in my room, even under the bed.  Not in there.  Cleaned all the crap out of the backseat of the car (which was all kid crap except for one grocery bag of dish detergent that was mine, that just got put in there today).  Next on the hurricane recovery agenda is cleaning the living room to fnd out another room where the book might not be.  She’s been doing really well with the book issue (she tends to put them down where ever she happens to be at the time, then forget where that place was fourteen seconds later, thus losing the book for all time and eternity) as of late and this is the first time in a long time that she’s lost another book.  BUT HOW HARD IS IT TO KEEP TRACK OF THE FREAKING BOOK???  She has the book bag it is supposed to remain in when she’s not reading it.  But it’s not in there.  WHO KNOWS WHERE THIS BOOK IS?  I’ll give yarn to the person who finds it.  This is crap thing, the fourth.

I do have a couple of non-crap things.  The first is that the dryers at the laundrymat I went to today are AWESOME.  We used 7 washers and at 2 dollars per load.  Then we lost a quarter, then my husband didn’t realize that he only needed to put 8 quarters in one machine, not 10, so we lost a few, sadly.  So we ended up having 3.25 left for dryer, and I had to run back to pick up the girls from school, which was 30 miles or so away.  I left husband there with the baby (who thought the laundry at was the funnest place on earth for some reason) and got them, also grabbing 20 dollars from the ATM by the school to get more quarters for the dryers.  When I got back to the laundrymat, it was all done.  Even dried.  I was impressed.  He managed to dry 7 loads on 3.25.  Are those some awesome dryers or what?  There was one laundrymat that I went to that was closer (about 4 miles away) that I spent 20 dollars on the dryers alone, and still had soaking wet clothes.  I was not pleased with them, and will never go back again.  So this was non-crap thing the first for the day 🙂

Non-crap thing the second was the bestest thing that happened to me all day.  I have to back track a bit here.  A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (whose daughter is also in the same class as my oldest) had her new(ish, she’s a few months old now) baby with her for something going on at the school… oh!  It was at the class holiday party.  New baby J was wearing a handknit sweater.  I got to looking at it and said “Is that a baby surprise sweater?”  Of course, my friend, not being a knitter, looked at me like I just talked to her in Chinese, and said “Um…maybe?  My sister in law made it for her!”  So as she was taking it off (it was warm in the room) I asked if I could see it, wondering if it could, indeed, be the famous sweater that so many seem to be making.  I was convinced it was.  Then, about a week ago, I saw her again and she confirmed.  She said “I told my sister in law that you wondered if that was the Baby Surprise sweater and she was surprised and wondered how you knew that.  She also had two copies of it, so she gave me one to give to you!”  She didn’t know she’d be seeing me that day, so she said she’d send it to school with her daughter to give to my daughter to give to me.  I GOT IT TODAY!  I’ve been wanting this pattern for a long time, but just haven’t ordered it online for some reason.  Maybe the powers that be knew that I’d get it eventually, and instructed me not to purchase it.  At any rate, I HAVE IT NOW, AND IT’S MINE!  I can now make one for my new little nephew 🙂 

So those are my craps and not-craps.  My head hurts and I have a tension headache.

Oh, there’s one more HUGE crap thing.  My boyfriend has passed on 😦  Well, he’s not really my boyfriend.  He had no idea that I ever even existed.  But I’ll always have a place in my heart for Heath Ledger. May he always rest in peace.

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