Lost another one :)

Today was my weigh in day, and I went down another 1.2 pounds 🙂  Now I am down a total of 6.6 pounds, and starting my 3rd week of Weight Watchers.  Just thought I’d share that happy thought with you 🙂

I am slowly coming along on my BSJ.  I must say, Elizabeth Zimmerman and I simply do not think alike.  Her math skills must be something to talk about because I was trying way too hard to figure out where I was on this sweater.  Finally I just wrote out row for row what I was doing, and how many sts I should have at each point, and it’s going MUCH smoother.  I think that once I get this one finished and I understand the mechanics of it, the next time it will be easier.  I am enjoying knitting it though, and I can’t wait to see how it looks!  I hope it’s big enough to fit my nephew.  I don’t know how big he is now, so it’s one of those play by ear (eye?) things.

Speaking of my new nephew, he is very sick right now.  The other day my sister, M, called and said that he went to the doctor because he couldn’t make any noise when he would cry.  So they said he has a virus or something, put him on prednisone, and a nebulizer treatment.  A couple of days later (yesterday) he went back in the morning and they tested him for RSV.  In the early afternoon, it came back positive, and they said that it was mild enough that there was nothing they could do and just keep an eye on him.  Two hours later he was in the emergency room wheezing and having difficulty breathing at all.  By evening he was admitted to the ICU, where he still is.  Poor little guy, only 3 months old, and in the ICU at the hospital fighting to breathe.  I know that mild cases of RSV aren’t as critical, but I was frustrated that her doctor’s office seemed so nonchalant about his health.  They didn’t even set up a follow up visit when they gave him the initial diagnosis of RSV.  I asked my sister when they told her to come in for a follow up to see if it’s gone, and she said “They never told me to come back” And my sister’s never dealt with RSV, so she didn’t really know how serious it could be.  I don’t know as much about it as I would like.  For example, I have no idea if it could be mild one minute, and an hour later so severe he could hardly breathe.  Is it like croup where it just shows up all of the sudden?  (I hated it when my girls had croup, it was so scary)  Anyway, poor lil T is in the ICU, and although he is doing much better today than yesterday my sister said, it’s still scary to have your new lil bundle in the hospital.

That’s about it.  I have to clean my house before I am allowed to knit anything today.  Although it’s cleaner than it was when I last posted, it still needs some doing done to make it more done 🙂 

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