It’s goin’ down, down, down..

Went to my weigh in today, and GUESS! WHAT!  I went down another 2 pounds 🙂  Last week when I went, I’d gone up 1.8 because of having eaten like I was never eating again on my vacation, but I’m back in the swing of things now, and am down a total of 10.4 pounds 🙂  I’m excited! 

 In knitting news, I’m still going strong on the BSJ, and I am nearing the final steps of it.  I haven’t had a lot of knitting time everyday, and I have two main projects going, so I’m dividing it up between the two.  The other project is the Dragon Scales Shawl and I am really enjoying it. I am only about 4 repeats in, but it’s taking shape nicely 🙂

I chopped off my hair. It was past my shoulders, and my hair is REALLY thick, and I have tons of it. It’s quite close to the thickness of horsehair, only not as coarse. I went in to the salan and said “Chop it off. Up to the chin. Chucnk and layer the heck out of it. A lot.” And she thinned it like there was no tomorrow. It’s still thick, of course, but it’s really cute, and I like it. About a week or two before I cut it, my friend hilited it for me, and now the hilites blend well with the haircut 🙂 When the weather permits (it’s gloomy today) maybe I’ll post a picture 🙂 If you’re lucky. But we all know how awful I am at pictures. I also cut my daughter’s hair. It has been over a year since she had a haircut, and it was getting all splitty and broken at the ends, and driving me crazy. I cut it too short for her liking (it’s just below the chin) and she took one look at it and said I’M NOT GOING TO SCHOOL LIKE THIS. Now, while I’m not a beautician, I can do an ok haircut, and it wasn’t that the haircut looked horrid. She just wants long hair. But I had to put it up just above where the splitting was happening. She also has a lot of hair, but each individual hair is like spiderweb silk, and it breaks a lot when we brush it, and it’s really curly when it’s wet (which she, of course, HATES) and so with the curls and fragility of the hair, I had to do something. I like it, I think it’s cute. I styled it and used our flat iron to curl it under at the ends (our curling iron broke) and then she felt a little better about it. It’s a teench shorter in the front and scoops down a little longer in the back, and gets shorter in the front again. Hopefully she’ll get over the length. Next time I’ll jus have to stay on top of the trims and not wait so long in between so I don’t have to do such a drastic cut for the dead ends and splitties.

The girls are both having an eye exam today. Jessie, the oldest, already wears glasses (she had eye surgery when she was about 3 for esotropia and amblyopia, with means she had crossed eyes and a lazy eye…not sure which one is which) and since before the surgery she’s needed to wear glasses for being nearsighted. Her most recent pair broke. And not in a fixable way. The wire frames snapped when they got stepped on (by me 😦 ) and it didn’t snap at the joint, where I could fix it, but halfway down the arm, which was weird. I guess I could hav taken them in and had a new arm put on, but I just now thought of that, and she needs new ones anyway. Jennifer, the second kiddo, has had poor eyesight for about 2 years now. When I took her to the doctor for preschool she failed the vision test. The doctor said she needs to have another exam at an eye office, and that she wouldn’t trust her to drive if she were of age to. They also did a vision test at her preschool, of which she failed. We didn’t have insurance at the time, and her preschool had a program where we qualified for her to have a gift certificate to have her eyes examined by a specialist, and glasses if necessary. The doctor we went to said that her eyes were not 20/20, but that since she was only 4 that they don’t correct their eyesight because it will make it worse. WHAT??? I knew that not to be true, since my older daughter had needed glasses at age 3, and they didn’t hesitate to help her with that. Fast forward to this year. She did so poorly on the vision test at school this year that I have to have a doctor’s note indicating that she’s had her eyes examined. Interesting, I thought. So they are both going in today, and I’m sure we’ll be picking out glasses for both. Poor Jennie. She’s always complaining that it’s hard to see.

Other good news is that my girls are doing AWESOME with school. Jessica, in 1st grade, reads at just about a 4th grade level, does well in math, and really loves school. Jennifer, my kinder, goes to school all day (no half day at our school!) and can read at a mid first grade level! I’m very proud of them both 🙂

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Letting go?

There are certain things I can’t let go of in my life.  My family, because I love my husband and my babies so much, I could never let them go.  Knitting, of course, because it’s my outlet.  My “bff rose” because he has ALWAYS been there for me, and reading/watching the news.  I don’t so much get into all the political crap in the news, but I do enjoy reading about what’s going on the nation otherwise.  And when I find a story that catches my interest, I read everything I can about it, until I just can’t take anymore, and then I still keep going.  And sometimes that is just fine, when you read about people doing wonderful things for each other, people helping others, etc.  But it makes my heart ache to read about certain subjects, namely child abuse and people killing their babies.  Why not stop reading it?  I can’t.  I just can’t.  I have to know, I feel like I’m going to miss out on something if I don’t follow the news.  I think I get this from my dad, who, when I was little, had CNN on tv 24/7 and would get royally peeved when someone changed the channel.  Anyway…back to the babies… How could someone harm such an innocent little being?  Sure, babies cry, but with time and patience, we can figure out what they are trying to say.  They have no other form of communication when they are so little, than to gurgle a bit, and cry.  I’ve never been frustrated with my kids that I felt like harming them, and I can’t understand what goes through the mind of someone that does this.  I’ve been following the news story on the little baby in Galveston, TX (I won’t link in case others haven’t read the story and have no desire to, because it is so sad…if you haven’t heard the story, and you’re interested, I’d just recommend googling it.)  I haven’t been able to get this little one out of my mind, and I’m not exactly sure why, but I think it’s because I have a baby son of my own, even though he’s a little older than that little one.   But I do know that my heart is aching for him and those who loved him.  I take relief in knowing that when he passed on, that he was greeting with loving arms from those who love him on the other side, and that he won’t have to feel the pains and sufferings that he endured while here for his short life.   In the meantime, I’m holding my babies close, and being greatful that I have them, and I pray that no harm comes to them.

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Baby Surprise….

Not sure yet how I feel about this BSJ pattern.  Elizabeth Zimmermann must have done great in her math classes when she was in school, that’s all I can say!  🙂  I was working it on some DK weight yarn, and had to take it out so much that the yarn was becoming icky, so I switched to some already icky acrylic yarn that I had in the stash, and practiced on it.  The BSJ and I had some hate filled nights, but I refused to throw in the towel.  I persisted, found some great tips online, and yesterday I went to my LYS and got some help from the gals there, and voila!  It’s like it’s all just DUH to me now.  One of the things that helped me the most was that Becky pointed out that I was marking the needle at a certain point, and the pattern says to markthe stitch itself.  So I used the sms that looked like little safety pins, and marked the stitch for the double decreases and just have to pay attention to where I’m at in the row, check where the marker is on the stitch itself, and that is much easier than fiddling with moving the stitch marker around.  And I got some Plymouth Encore yarn, my size 7’s and am loving the way it’s turning out.  The Plymouth Encore is a royal blue with gold smidges throughout, and I think it will look great on my nephew (who is out of the hospital finally!!!  He was there in the ICU with RSV).

In Weight Watchers news, I’m still going, and still working hard at it.  Yesterday was the start of week 3 and my 4th weigh in.  I’m down 7.4 pounds now from when I started!  I’m excited, THRILLED!!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂

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