The Return…

Well clearly I didn’t keep upon this blog. 9 years since my last post? Thank goodness I didn’t have followers depending on me lol. 
I have recently dived (dove?) back in yo my love of playing with yarns and sticks. And hooks. I didn’t give it up all together I just didn’t do it as much. Only when I needed to make something for someone. Now I am needing it again, just for the sake of needing it. And it didn’t take long to gt back into my old habits of a gazillion WIPS lol. I currently have two lairs of socks, ackrner to corner blanket that will end up being probably five feet by seven feet, a scafg, ashawl and a dish towel. I am totally OK with thismany WIPS because I’m conti king to work on each of them. The dish towel I started today. Its just a basic moss stitch that will have a contrasting stripe of stockinette on each end. Iam using Victoria Cotton that I got at my LYS, Willow Hills Yarn Co. Jlove thus store and the owner and employees are great!! Emily has gotten Mr backinto wanting to be part of the knitting community again.  

Imnot very far into the dish towel yet but so far I really live how the harm feels. The needles are a 16 in Hiya Hiya which I love. The join is amazing and it makes the fibre glide super smoothly!

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