Winter Wonderland Swap!

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So here it is, the awesome package, picture taken courtesy of Jessie. i have three ballband cloths, one for three different seasons, Winter, Summer and Spring. I have a skein of YUMMY wool from NEW YORK! to knit myself something for fall, and for that, heck yeah I can’t WAIT! I got a box of delightfully yummy hot chocolate! A packet of hand cream, some bronzing lotion (that my daughter and I of course played with right away. We discovered she’s a lot lighter than I am LOL) a christmas cd (BETTE MIDLER! I LOVE HER!), and some very pretty smelling soap, and a candy cane and of course, the Gingerbread man, who lasted all of 14 seconds between me and Jessie LOL

So I’m learning to use flickr. I’ve only figured out how to do one post at a time through it when posting a pic, but there has to be a way to post more than one pic per entry. Anyone know if that’s possible?

Hope you all have a great day, and Terri, thanks again SO MUCH for that awesome package!!!!!

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